Hi! My name is Sara. Welcome to Common Rite Supply!

Common Rite Supply develops, produces and retails tools of ritual. "Common Rite" is a reminder that all experience permeates holiness and that any moment can be an intentional pause to honor impermanence. Notably, specializes in paper goods (card decks, books, zines, etc)  and crystal-healing jewelry.

My name is Sara Gonzalez-Bautista. I am a multi-disciplined, hollistic healer and artist based in San Francisco, California. My praxis combines the wisdom of Tarot and crystals with the lessons of history to reimagine futures. I am an advocate of embracing multiplicity as a means to heal. By holding space for the many selves we meet throughout a lifetime, we are able to integrate otherwise seemingly disparate selves to feel whole. I believe in speaking openly about birth and death and the misery and joy experienced in-between. 

I am a self taught jeweler working in copper, silver and gold. 

Material objects outlive us. Recycling/reusing is a crucial means to make the most of what already exists. Purchasing vintage items from my store gives new life to these objects rather than a spot in the landfill.     

Thank you for your support!